Want to Make Your C-Store More Profitable?

A Blimpie Express franchise offers several key advantages to help you grow your business

If you own a convenience store or travel plaza, you’re always looking for new ways to drive more sales. Look no further than the new Blimpie Express model. The iconic sub franchise has launched a new concept designed to expand the profit-potential of c-stores and travel plazas.

Blimpie Express model catering

Convenience stores have intrinsically become part of American daily life, with more than 150,000 locations scattered across the U.S. For so many Americans, c-stores are the go-to stop for everyday items, snacks, lottery tickets, over the counter medication and so much more.

But what is one product most convenience stores lack? Freshly made food.

The Blimpie Express model has arrived

Blimpie Express franchises offer several key advantages to help convenience store or travel plaza owners grow their business.

For one, Blimpie Express units are assembled off site and can be installed in as little as two or three days after delivery with minimal in-store construction. This not only saves franchisees the heavy costs of traditional construction of new locations, but allows stores to remain open and bring in sales while the unit is being installed.

Also, Blimpie is a nationally and internationally recognized brand that has been around for nearly 60 years. We have become known as one of the best sub sandwich shops thanks to offering quality food. The company’s well-respected reputation has helped a number of business owners bring a built-in audience into their store.

And, last but certainly not least, the Blimpie management team offers unbeaten support to franchisees. From the start, franchisees receive help opening their store, training their staff, and learning the ropes with operational matters such as distribution needs. And the help doesn’t stop there, with ongoing support for day-to-day operations, marketing and any other needs that may arise.

Subs and C-Stores are a Perfect Fit

For so many business owners, opening a Blimpie franchise within their convenience store or travel plaza has been a no brainer – it drives sales for both businesses. Whether it’s a customer coming in for a Blimpie sandwich, buying additional items in the store, or vice versa, someone stopping in to pick up a drink is lured by the smell of Blimpie’s fresh baked bread. The two business models are a perfect fit.

“This scenario is now becoming the norm for convenience stores around the country,” according to a report in NCR. “If you own a c-store, you’ve probably made dramatic shifts to adjust to changes brought on by the pandemic. This may include supply chain disruptions, fluctuating customer behaviors, and demand for more robust shopping options. You’re looking for new ways to differentiate your business, attract more customers and drive sales. C-store food service is fast becoming the solution.

These days, most Americans eat out, with the USDA estimating about 55% of people choose to buy prepared food rather than making meals at home. And, more than ever, consumers want quick-service and affordable prices, positioning C-store food service opportunities like Blimpie Express for success.

“Convenience stores remain a popular choice for local customers looking for a one-stop shop,” the NCR reported. “By modeling the most successful aspects of grocery stores, fast food restaurants and gas stations, you can offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to these services for your local customers.”

Blimpie Express has proven to make c-stores more profitable by adding a low cost buy-in that’s easy to scale.

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