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Exceptional Support You Can Count On

Investing in a franchise is not just about choosing a brand, it’s about joining a support system that empowers you to thrive as a business owner. At Blimpie Express, we understand the crucial role that support plays in your entrepreneurial journey. With decades of experience in the sandwich industry, we’ve designed a comprehensive support program to guide you through every aspect of your franchise business. Keep reading to delve into the extensive support you can expect when you franchise with Blimpie Express, from world-class training to ongoing assistance and collaboration within our franchise community.

“There are a lot of advantages to franchising with Blimpie Express,” says Jeff Wallace, Brand Leader for Blimpie. “The support is a huge advantage, the low cost of entry—getting into Blimpie as a franchise system in your own business—that’s a huge advantage. The product is by far second to none in the industry. So you’re getting the finest quality product at a very reasonable investment.”

World-Class Training: Mastering the Art of Sandwich Making

Regardless of your prior experience in the food industry, our world-class training program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a Blimpie Express franchisee. We understand that not all franchise owners come with the same background, so we tailor our training to meet your specific needs.

Our training covers every facet of the business, from food preparation to customer service, marketing, and financial management. You’ll learn the art of crafting our delicious subs, ensuring that every customer enjoys a top-notch dining experience. Our experienced trainers will be by your side, providing hands-on guidance to ensure you’re confident in running your franchise.

Site Selection Assistance: Maximizing Your Store’s Potential

Choosing the right location is paramount to your franchise’s longevity, and we’re here to help you make that critical decision. Our site selection experts work closely with you to identify the ideal location for your Blimpie Express franchise. We consider factors like foot traffic, demographics, and competition to ensure that your store has the best chance to thrive.

Our goal is to maximize your store’s potential by placing it in a high-visibility, high-traffic area where it can attract a steady flow of customers. With our site selection support, you can be confident that you’re setting up shop in a strategic and promising location.

Marketing Support: Building Your Presence Locally and Online

Effective marketing is essential for growing your customer base and establishing a strong brand presence. At Blimpie Express, we provide you with marketing strategies and materials to help you effectively promote your franchise both locally and online. Our marketing team has extensive experience in the industry and can guide you in creating targeted campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

We understand the digital age, and we’ll help you leverage online marketing tools and social media to reach a broader customer base. From eye-catching signage to digital advertising strategies, our marketing support is designed to elevate your brand visibility and attract more customers to your Blimpie Express franchise.

Ongoing Support: Never Alone on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Running a franchise business comes with its challenges, and you’ll never be alone when you’re part of the Blimpie Express family. Our team is always ready to assist you with any issues or questions that may arise. Whether it’s troubleshooting operational challenges or offering financial guidance, our ongoing support ensures you’re never left to navigate challenges on your own.

Furthermore, our network of franchise owners is a valuable resource for sharing insights and collaborating. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow franchisees, exchange ideas, and learn from their experiences. This sense of community and shared knowledge is a significant advantage of franchising with Blimpie Express.

Part of the Kahala Brands Family

As a Blimpie Express franchisee, you’re not just a member of our franchise family, you’re also an integral part of the prestigious Kahala Brands™ franchise family. As a leading franchisor within the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) sector, Kahala Brands boasts a diverse portfolio of well-known and well-loved brands. This affiliation opens doors to a world of advantages, including access to established supply chain relationships, time-tested marketing campaigns, and extensive training programs.

The support and resources provided by Kahala Brands inject an added layer of confidence and stability into your Blimpie Express franchise. You’ll gain access to invaluable assets and industry best practices that have been honed to perfection across their array of thriving brands. This collaborative partnership distinguishes Blimpie Express as a standout franchise opportunity, setting it apart in the competitive sandwich industry.

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Join Us and Thrive Together

At Blimpie Express, we believe that the growth of your business as a franchisee is our top priority. That’s why we’ve invested in a robust support system to guide you every step of the way. From our comprehensive training program to site selection assistance, marketing support, ongoing assistance, and a thriving franchise community, we’re committed to helping you thrive as a Blimpie Express franchise owner.

When you choose to franchise with us, you’re not just starting a business, you’re becoming part of a supportive and experienced team that’s dedicated to your development. Join us, and let’s thrive together in the world of sandwiches and customer satisfaction. When you’re ready for the next step toward owning a Blimpie Express franchise, fill out our inquiry form here. Our franchise team is ready to support you on your journey to entrepreneurial excellence.


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