Blimpie Franchise FAQs

FAQs about the Blimpie franchise opportunity

Below are answers to our commonly asked Blimpie franchise FAQs. Don’t see your question? Don’t worry. Simply fill out an inquiry form, and a member of our team will reach out shortly. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

What is Blimpie Express?

Blimpie Express is a revolutionary new model designed for existing c-stores and travel plazas. The model is prefabricated, comes in three modular parts, and can be assembled in as little as a few days. If you already have the normal back of house elements (3 compartment sinks, water heaters, walk in coolers/freezers, etc.) you just need to connect the Blimpie Express unit to your existing utilities (water, drainage, and electrical), turn the lights on, and you’re in business! This means there is minimal disruption to your existing business. Because you will have completed training prior to the arrival of your new Blimpie restaurant, you can begin operations as soon as the assembly is complete.

Blimpie franchise FAQs

Does the Blimpie Express model deliver the full Blimpie experience?

Yes! The Blimpie Express model offers the same exceptional menu offerings, without compromising the guest experience. Your customers will experience the same high quality product, produced exactly the same way, with all the same services, that every other Blimpie location provides. The only difference is this Blimpie experience is delivered to your c-store or travel plaza!  

How fast is it to open?

The Blimpie Express model is a prefabricated system and comes in three modular parts that are easy to fit together. The total assembly takes a matter of days with minimal disruption to your existing business.

How much does it cost?

A Blimpie Express location has a smaller footprint than the traditional Blimpie restaurant model, making this opportunity one of the most affordable in the $22.6 billion sub and sandwich franchise category. Our low costs of ownership are by design. We want to help as many entrepreneurs expand the profitability of their existing businesses by franchising with Blimpie as possible.

Does the Blimpie Express model have a limited menu?

No. While the Blimpie Express model is smaller than traditional Blimpie restaurant locations, everything about the customer experience is exactly the same. The Blimpie Express model offers the same great menu, including the same Limited Time Offer items, and the same exceptional experience that Blimpie is known for. Your customers will get the full-on Blimpie experience when they visit your business.

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Do I get the same level of franchise support?

Yes. One of the biggest advantages of franchising with Blimpie is the support provided by our parent company, Kahala Brands, one of the largest franchisors of QSR brands in the world. Our support covers every aspect of the business, from in-person initial and ongoing training to coaching and professional development, to how to prepare and serve our products, market effectively, build-out, and much more. When you franchise with Blimpie, you’re joining a brand that has your back.

Ready to open a Blimpie Express franchise?

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