Blimpie Express Can Be A Perfect Franchise For Foodies

Wanting to Turn Your Love for Food into a Business?

Building your career around a passion is a win-win. You get to wake up everyday and go to work with the drive and commitment that comes with loving what you do, and you get to be paid while doing it. For people with a love of food, time and again, investing in a food franchise has proven to be a great career choice that provides an incredible livelihood. It’s just a fact: foodies are great entrepreneurs for food franchises.

“Food franchisees are generally happy business owners,” according to a report in Franchise Business Review. “85% of food franchisees surveyed by FBR say they enjoy operating their franchise, and 79% say they would do it all over again if given the opportunity. It is not by accident that food and beverage franchise owners are regularly a pretty satisfied group. Franchisors put the fate of their brand almost wholly in the hands of their franchisees.”

For aspiring business owners who want to open their own restaurant, the franchise system is a best bet investment that far outcompetes independent restaurants. Whereas 50% of independent businesses fail in the first five years, franchise restaurants are thriving. In fact, the food industry now represents more than a third of all existing franchises, which is only expected to grow.

Why? Because the right franchises offer a proven business model that has already figured out what works and what doesn’t. For franchisees, that means you are already ahead of the curve, with an easier start-up process and stronger buying power, enabling you to make a profit from the get-go. Also, established franchise systems already have brand recognition across the country, making your job way easier when it comes to marketing and making an impact in your community. And, of course, franchise restaurants offer unparalleled training and support on nearly every aspect of the business, in case you should ever need assistance.

blimpie express franchise for foodies

Blimpie Express is a Franchise for Foodies

There is no doubt about it: Americans love sandwiches. So much so that industry studies estimate that Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches every day – resulting in $22.6 billion industry. But people are tired of the same old options with stale bread and pre-packaged ingredients. Increasingly, people want fresh, quality foods when they stop at a sandwich shop. And that’s why Blimpie Express is such an incredible opportunity for foodies – our commitment to high-quality products and only

the freshest ingredients. There’s a reason why the Blimpie brand has survived and thrived since 1964: it’s unmatched subs. And now, Blimpie Express is ready to enter the next era of its exciting franchise chapter by bringing its ironic menu to new heights.

“Blimpie is by far the best sandwich brand out there – the competition is not even close,” Jeff Wallace, Brand Leader of Blimpie, says. “We use the highest quality ingredients, and we just have the best tasting subs period. This is a brand with a strong 57-year heritage, and we’ve never changed our commitment to quality. We provide great products and a great experience for our customers, and they keep us in their hearts.”

Blimpie Express also allows franchise owners to earn a profit on their passion. As an affordable franchise opportunity, Blimpie Express features a low cost of entry and is quick to scale. In no time at all, our prefabricated off-site designs allow units to be delivered to your site, and up and running in a matter of days, allowing you to focus on driving sales and bringing in profits. And we take pride in saying no previous restaurant experience is necessary, and that’s a testament to our world-class training and support.

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If you have a passion for food, why not build a career around it!? Foodies make incredible food franchise owners, and Blimpie Express is a proven business model with a brand recognition built over decades. All Americans know and love Blimpie, and we’re looking for the next generation of foodies to grow and expand the brand into communities across the U.S. To learn more, visit our research pages here or request more information here.


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