Blimpie Express Franchises Can Be Recession Proof Investments

Invest in a Recession Proof Franchise

No business endeavor is completely without risk, and the threat of an economic downturn or recession always weighs heavily on entrepreneurs’ minds. The economy will always be unpredictable, but it doesn’t have to deter you from getting into business for yourself. Instead, prospective franchisees should consider investing in a brand that offers a near recession-proof product and has the right business model and support services to help them adapt and grow under any economic circumstances.

Before choosing a franchise to invest in, any prospective business owner should weigh and plan for less than favorable economic scenarios, and consider a franchise poised to withstand a recession and prepared to pivot when consumers might have less money to spend.

blimpie express recession proof

Recession Proof Franchise Industries

While all business ventures are accompanied with risk, some are safer bets than others, with a higher likelihood of not just withstanding a recession, but reaping big rewards through it. History and market research shows us this applies to a few particular industries, including the food and beverage and quick service restaurant sectors. During the 2008 recession, the quick-services restaurant industry saw consistent growth, according to QSR Magazine, unlike many other industries at the time, because consumers who had to tighten their belts were drawn to less expensive food options. This pattern is expected to reappear in future economic downtimes.

It’s simple to see why quick-service restaurants don’t take the hit other industries do during recessions: people need to eat, and QSR brands fulfill that need at a lower price point. Even when they cut back on dining out to save money, consumers still tend to spend what they can on food and beverages. Past economic downturns have shown that quick-service restaurants tend to make it through recessions far better than other industries, so long as they’re adaptable to consumer needs and behavior, and are prepared to make changes. When franchising with the right brand, a recession can mean opportunity.

Blimpie Express Can Be Your Recession Proof Franchise

Blimpie Express™ is a great franchising opportunity with all the components of a business that can survive good times and bad in the economy. Why? For starters, everyone has to eat, and sub sandwiches are an American staple. What’s more, Blimpie Express is known around the world as America’s sub shop, with its origins dating back to 1964. It’s a brand customers know and love, and it can be found anywhere from an airport to a strip mall. With its ability to adapt to a wide variety of locations, a Blimpie Express has the potential to do well where other types of restaurants might not.

It also doesn’t take much from your wallet to get into business with Blimpie Express. The franchise is one of the most affordable investment opportunities in the $22.6 billion sub and sandwich franchise category, according to market research company IBISWorld. Thanks to its revolutionary design and construction, Blimpie Express offers entrepreneurs a low entry cost franchising opportunity.

Blimpie Express is also designed for ease of operation, expansion and flexibility, all of which make for a positive outlook under any economic conditions. With a built-in customer base, simple concept, time-tested brand name and recession-proof product, Blimpie Express is a prime investment opportunity no matter what the economy looks like.

Always Supported in Business

Of course, having a strong support team is key to growing any business and weathering the economy’s ups and downs. When franchising with Blimpie Express, you can count on an experienced and reliable team at parent company Kahala Brands™, whose top priority is ensuring all partners within the franchise family have the resources they need to start and grow their business and improve their profit potential. As an international and rapidly expanding franchising company, Kahala Brands has an impressive team of experts offering a diverse range of services, from franchise development and creative services, to day-to-day operational support and assistance finding the right location for your Blimpie Express. They’re also there for franchisees when they simply need a sounding board for their ideas.

With franchise locations across the nation and around the world, Kahala Brands has overseen businesses through all economic climates and changes. The Kahala Brands team has the skills and experience to provide franchisees with the resources necessary to not just get through, but grow through, economic hardship and adapt to customer needs.

Franchise with Blimpie Express Today

If Blimpie Express sounds like the right investment opportunity for you, visit the franchise research pages here to learn more about the support team, decades-old brand name, and why franchising with Blimpie Express can be a good bet even in an economic downturn.

Someone with the Blimpie Express team can also answer questions and start a conversation about franchising with the brand when you fill out this form to request more franchise information. You’ll receive a free Franchise Information Report offering a look at the Blimpie Express management team, information about the franchise’s competitive advantages, and comments from real franchisees about the Blimpie Express franchise opportunity.


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