Where Are Blimpie Franchises For Sale?

Why Franchise with Blimpie Express?

The quick service restaurant industry is full of countless options for entrepreneurs to consider. Ultimately, the wisest path to follow is to decide on one that will be easy to get started, not too costly, and capable of generating enough income to make the initial investment worth it. For all of these qualities and more, look no further than Blimpie Express. Our model is designed to be accessible for as many entrepreneurs as possible. Whether you are new to franchise ownership or you already have experience with franchising, Blimpie Express can be set up and ready to operate in a matter of days.

In order to keep the cost of entry as low as possible, while still providing quality equipment, the Blimpie Express unit has been designed to be far more affordable than most other food service franchises. Our prefabricated unit is delivered to your business in three sections, and once everything is properly connected, you can begin your Blimpie Express journey!

Thanks to the well-established reputation of Blimpie, America’s Sub Shop, since 1964, as a Blimpie Express franchise owner, you can feel secure that your new business venture comes with a loyal customer base already included. Sandwich and sub store franchises in the US are projected to grow more and more in the years to come, while the industry market is currently valued at over $22 billion. Convenient, cost-effective, health-conscious foods are in high demand, and Blimpie is a beloved choice for all of the above. There is also the popularity of food delivery to think about—Blimpie has its own online ordering system and is fully integrated with third-party apps like UberEats® and DoorDash®, so you can maximize the potential for profits.

Blimpe franchises for sale

Always Supported

Franchising with Blimpie Express means you will have the full support that comes with being part of our parent company, Kahala Brands™. One of the largest franchisors of QSR brands in the world, Kahala Brands is there to help franchisees through every step of the way. We start with comprehensive training on food preparation, inventory management, point of sale operations, and much more.

Even after your initial training, Kahala Brands will be there to back you up. Our coaching can help you market your business more effectively, customize your build-out, or capitalize on promotions and limited time offerings. If you have any questions about how to run your Blimpie Express franchise, we will be available to help.

Where are Blimpie Franchises for Sale?

For any business to grow, location plays a huge part. For that reason, we designed the Blimpie Express model so that the possibilities for location are endless. The modular unit has a small footprint and can be configured to slot perfectly into the space you have. This compact design is also meant to help reduce any disruption to your existing business while getting your Blimpie Express model set up.

As a result of its small footprint, Blimpie Express is especially perfect for adding to high-traffic areas. Think transportation hubs, airports, shopping malls, school campuses, gas stations, anywhere you can find people on the go who might need to grab a quick and tasty meal on their way to the next destination, Blimpie Express is made to meet that demand.

Join the Blimpie Family

Now is a great time to join the Blimpie Express family and take advantage of the lucrative QSR market. Blimpie started out nearly 60 years ago, and we have seen the industry go through many changes. One thing that has stayed the same throughout all that time is our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients, and making subs fresh in front of the customer, so they can see the quality for themselves.

Not only does a Blimpie Express franchise provide that same quality and exceptional customer service, but we also offer the full Blimpie menu. Customers can get all their favorite menu items at any of our locations, including limited time offers and seasonal specials that help to keep customers coming back to try new flavors.

Learn More about Blimpie Express Today

Find out more about why Blimpie Express is a fantastic franchise opportunity by checking out our research pages here. The Blimpie Express model offers a low cost of entry and incredible flexibility when it comes to the location of your next business venture.

When you are ready for the next step, just fill in our inquiry form here and someone from our team will be in touch with a complimentary copy of our Franchise Information Report. This report will include more information about the Blimpie Express franchise opportunity and how to start your journey towards franchising. We look forward to learning more about your dreams of business ownership and if they can be met by investing in the Blimpie Express franchise opportunity!


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