Blimpie Express Offers an Express Franchise for Sale

Discover Prime Opportunities with Blimpie Express

Are you looking for a franchise for sale that offers both a reputable brand and prime territories? Blimpie Express might be the perfect fit for you. Our streamlined business model ensures that you can quickly integrate a Blimpie Express unit into your existing business, allowing you to start serving delicious subs without significant disruptions. With numerous prime locations available, now is the ideal time to franchise with Blimpie Express.

“Blimpie is by far the best sandwich brand out there – the competition is not even close,” Brand Leader Jeff Wallace says. “We use the highest quality ingredients, and we just have the best tasting subs period. This is a brand with a strong 60+ year heritage, and we’ve never changed our commitment to quality. We provide great products and a great experience for our customers, and they keep us in their hearts.”

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What is Blimpie Express?

Blimpie Express is a revolutionary new model designed for existing convenience stores and travel plazas. The model is prefabricated, comes in three modular parts, and can be assembled in just a few days. If you already have the essential back-of-house elements like sinks, water heaters, and coolers/freezers, you only need to connect the Blimpie Express unit to your existing utilities—water, drainage, and electrical. Once the lights are on, you’re ready to operate! Since you will have completed training before the arrival of your Blimpie Express unit, you can begin serving customers immediately after assembly.

Blimpie is expanding into many prime territories, offering a fantastic opportunity for new franchisees to tap into high-traffic areas. By choosing a Blimpie Express franchise, you gain access to locations with significant foot traffic, ensuring a steady stream of potential customers. Our strategic site selection process helps identify the best spots to maximize your business potential and community presence.

Why Franchise with Blimpie Express?

Choosing to franchise with Blimpie Express means aligning yourself with a trusted brand that has a proven track record. Our business model is designed to minimize disruptions to your existing operations while providing a new revenue stream. Blimpie Express units are easy to install, requiring only a few days to be up and running. Plus, with comprehensive training and ongoing support, you’ll have all the tools necessary to thrive from day one. Our franchisees benefit from brand recognition, marketing support, and a menu that customers love.

How to Get Started

Thank you for your interest in the Blimpie Express franchise opportunity. To begin, simply fill out an inquiry form here. We will then email you a free copy of our downloadable franchise information report. This report includes everything you need to know about the Blimpie Express franchise opportunity, including:

  • Detailed training and support information
  • What makes our business model stand out
  • Testimonials from current franchisees
  • And much more!

After reviewing the report, a member of our team will reach out for an introductory phone call. This call allows us to get to know each other, answer any questions you may have, and determine if your goals align with owning a Blimpie Express franchise.

Learn More about the Blimpie Express Franchise for Sale

Franchising with Blimpie Express is a smart investment for those looking to expand their business with a well-established brand. With our easy-to-install units, comprehensive training, and prime territories, you can quickly become part of the Blimpie franchise family. Start your journey today by visiting our research pages here to learn more about owning a Blimpie Express franchise. We look forward to helping you achieve your business potential with Blimpie Express!


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