Bob Katat Opens Up About Being a Blimpie Franchise Owner

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Bob Katat, Regional Director of Operations for Blimpie, has a long history of helping new franchise owners get off on the right foot. A former Blimpie franchise owner himself, Katat knows the business through and through. His expertise is vital to helping new franchise owners get established.

Katat opened his first Blimpie location when he was just 24 years old. Eventually, he owned two locations for a total of 19 years. He then started to work as an Area Developer, building up a designated territory, for seven more years.

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All this experience, Katat said, has helped him connect to franchisees in a way that many support networks offered by other companies can’t, because Katat has been in their shoes.

“I know what they’ve been through more than anyone,” Katat said. “And I can speak their language when it comes to owning a Blimpie franchise.”

In this interview, Katat talks about why aspiring entrepreneurs chose Blimpie, why the company’s business model sets people up for success, and why the time is right to start a Blimpie franchise.

Q: Why do people choose to start a Blimpie location?

A: People grew up eating Blimpie’s before any other major chain. And, it’s a really superior product that lives up to its name. All over, the brand is recognized. For me, I love the concept, I love the product and I love the service, and I think other aspiring entrepreneurs researching franchises can see that too.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the ease of the Blimpie Express model?

A: Absolutely. First, you don’t have to go through construction, which can be a hectic process. This unit is built off site and then assembled in just a few days. So it could be popped up anywhere – hospitals, malls, airports – in two or three days, which is really important for franchisees who need to get off the ground and start making money.

Q: So it’s a low entry cost investment?

A: The Blimpie’s Express unit is far, far cheaper than having to build a store from scratch, with all the costs for new walls, tiles, floors, equipment, and plumbing. So you can get more in return for your investment, because you’re investing less than a traditional store.

Q: Does that help when thinking about expanding this model to other locations?

A: If you are in a convenience store or within another business, absolutely. If you’re getting Blimpie’s at a convenience store, you’re more likely to buy other items like gum, coffee, chips or some candy. So automatically, it can improve your retail sales, as well as your Blimpie’s sales.

Q: How does Blimpie’s management team help franchisees?

A: From day one, we help with getting the store opened, training staff, day-to-day operations, distribution needs, rollout guides, marketing support. Basically, whatever the franchisee needs, we help with.

Q: Why is now a good time to invest in Blimpie?

A: This is the best time to invest in Blimpie, because of the innovation that we’re bringing to the brand. And it’s a nationally and internationally recognized brand that offers products far superior to our competition.

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