Blimpie Express Brings Product Innovation With New Subs

Blimpie Express is Big on Product Innovation

Springtime is a great time to roll out a fresh idea. International sub sandwich franchise Blimpie Express™ has just introduced two new premium sub creations, which will be available in stores and online nationwide for a limited time.

Subs and pizza are two beloved staples of the American diet, so what could be better than combining the two? That’s exactly what Blimpie Express thought when they introduced two brand-new pizza subs this spring, which align with the brand’s 2023 motto of a Bigger. Better. Blimpie. The two mouth-watering and delicious options include The Original Pizza Sub, featuring pepperoni, crumbled sausage, green peppers, melted provolone, marinara sauce and oregano; and The Spicy Hawaiian Pizza Sub, featuring ham, bacon, diced pineapple, caramelized onions, jalapenos, melted provolone and marinara sauce.

Blimpie Express is a brand that dares to dream big. Read on to learn how this franchise is able to constantly evolve and innovate new products thanks to its unique business model and exceptional franchise support.

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Evolve with Blimpie Express

Blimpie Express has been America’s sub shop for decades now, because the franchise has always embraced new ideas and the importance of evolving as a brand over the years to meet customer needs. Customers, while they appreciate consistency and tried-and-true menu items they can expect to find every time they visit their favorite sub shop, love to see fast-casual restaurants shake things up and surprise them with something new. At Blimpie Express, the franchise management team is always coming up with fresh ideas to give customers a reason to come back and see what’s new. The franchise frequently offers new products on its menu, which also helps franchise owners grow and diversify their customer base, amplify the brand name and expand as a business.

As a Blimpie Express franchisee, a solid support team at Kahala Brands™ will always have your back, and is there to help with whatever you need to bring new, innovative ideas to life at Blimpie Express. Kahala Brands, a rapidly expanding international franchisor and parent company to Blimpie Express, has a world-class team of experts in-house who can offer a range of consultation and support services to all brands in its franchise family. That includes franchise development services, a research and development team focused on coming up with new products to keep customers engaged and coming through the doors of your business, and marketing and creative services to promote brand awareness.

Blimpie Express is also designed to help franchisees grow, with an affordable cost to get into business, a small and flexible footprint suited for various types of real estate, and a simple and straightforward operational model.

Learn More about Franchising with Blimpie Express

If you’re ready to franchise with a brand that’s always innovating, thinking outside the box and growing its name, visit the Blimpie Express research pages here and learn what this franchise has to offer.

You can also request a Franchise Information Report by filling out our form here and start a conversation with the Blimpie Express franchise team. Get ready to learn more about Blimpie Express’ competitive advantages, and learn what it’s like to partner with this brand in the words of actual Blimpie Express franchisees.


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