Open A Family Business With Blimpie Express

Why Blimpie Express can be a Great Family Business

Whether you’re new to franchising, or you’ve been in the franchising world for years, Blimpie Express can make for a great family business. Perfect for convenience stores and travel plazas, Blimpie Express is designed to help franchisees in business as a family grow their portfolio and achieve their business goals at a comparatively low cost.

There are an estimated 1,500 franchisors in the U.S. and 750,000 franchisees, so it’s not surprising that families own many of these businesses. Franchising is a popular option for a family business, in part because it allows families to get into business with an established brand name and a built-in customer base.

Americans love their sandwiches, and thanks to the brand’s quality ingredients and exceptional customer service, Blimpie has been embraced as America’s sub shop since opening its doors in 1964. With almost 60 years in the game, Blimpie’s established brand name is one of the many reasons a Blimpie Express is a great family franchising opportunity. A Blimpie Express is also designed to be easy to scale, allowing families the option to expand their business without significant capital.

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Blimpie Express is Easy to Run

Being in business as a family can be a challenge, but Blimpie Express’s compact and easy-to-run business model simplifies things for entrepreneurial families entering the world of franchising. An Express location has a smaller footprint than a traditional Blimpie restaurant model, making Blimpie Express one of the most affordable options for those who want to become Blimpie business owners. Startup costs to open a Blimpie Express are relatively low, thanks to Blimpie Express’ unique design and construction, and the business can be assembled in as little as a few days. The Blimpie Express franchise was designed to be affordable, accessible to entrepreneurs – including those new to franchising – and easy to scale, so family business partners are able to get up and running in no time.

Blimpie Express franchisees also have the support of Kahala Brands™, one of the largest international franchisors in the world and parent company to Blimpie Express. As a part of the Kahala Brands franchising family, Blimpie Express franchisees can count on initial and ongoing training and support services for every aspect of the business from an experienced, in-house team of experts who understand and are passionate about the brand. That includes research and development assistance, real estate guidance, and marketing and public relations support, among other services. With a strong support team always there and ready to help, Blimpie Express is a great franchising option for a family business.

Franchise with Blimpie Express

Find out if Blimpie Express is the right franchising opportunity for you by visiting our research pages here to learn more about the brand concept and startup costs. You can also fill out our form here to request a free Franchise Information Report, which includes testimonials from Blimpie Express franchisees, information about the franchise’s competitive advantages, and a look at the Blimpie Express franchise management team.


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