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Make Your Business Dreams a Reality

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a craving for a delectable investment opportunity? Look no further than the enticing world of franchising with Blimpie Express sandwich franchise. With a proven business model, the unwavering popularity of sandwiches, an irresistible blend of convenience through collaborations with third-party delivery apps, and a full menu offering comparable to standard Blimpie locations, our franchise opportunity is poised to satisfy both your entrepreneurial appetite and your customers’ taste buds.

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A Proven Business Model

Investing in a franchise is like choosing a recipe for a thriving business, and Blimpie Express has mastered the ingredients. Our time-tested business model is a testament to its effectiveness. We’ve honed the art of sandwich-making since 1964, giving us decades of experience that have shaped our winning approach.

Franchising with Blimpie Express means tapping into a blueprint that’s been refined over the years, ensuring that you step into the world of entrepreneurship with a guide that’s proven to work. We’ve already walked the path of trial and error, and our streamlined processes and established systems pave the way for your continued growth.

Blimpie Express franchisees enjoy the added advantage of being supported by Kahala Brands™, a prominent franchisor in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. As part of the Kahala Brands family, our franchisees gain access to a wealth of expertise, resources, and support that comes from a company with a proven track record of fostering thriving franchises. This partnership ensures that Blimpie Express franchisees receive comprehensive assistance, from training and operations support to marketing strategies and business development, ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of their franchises.

Satisfy Cravings with the Popularity of Sandwiches

When it comes to satisfying cravings, few options are as universally adored as sandwiches. They’re a timeless classic that transcends age, gender, and cultural boundaries. As a Blimpie Express franchisee, you’re stepping into a market that’s consistently hungry for the delicious, customizable subs we offer.

From savory meats to fresh veggies, our menu caters to a wide range of tastes, making it an enticing option for a diverse customer base. Sandwiches have remained a staple in the culinary world, and with Blimpie Express, you have the opportunity to serve up the satisfaction your customers seek.

“Blimpie is by far the best sandwich brand out there – the competition is not even close,” says Jeff Wallace, Brand Leader of Blimpie. “We use the highest quality ingredients, and we just have the best tasting subs period. This is a brand with a strong 57 year heritage, and we’ve never changed our commitment to quality. We provide great products and a great experience for our customers, and they keep us in their hearts.”

Embrace Convenience and Boost Revenue

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. Customers are drawn to options that offer them a seamless experience while fitting into their busy lifestyles. At Blimpie Express, we’ve elevated convenience to an art form. Not only do we provide a quick and delicious dining option, but we’ve also embraced collaborations with third-party delivery apps.

By teaming up with delivery giants like UberEats® and DoorDash®, we’ve expanded our reach beyond the physical store, bringing our mouthwatering subs to even more hungry customers. This means a significant revenue boost for our franchise owners. The convenience of delivery and online ordering adds an extra layer of value to our offering, enhancing the overall customer experience and driving more business to your franchise.

A Full Menu, Uncompromised Convenience

When you choose to franchise with Blimpie Express, you’re not getting a limited menu of offerings. We’re proud to provide our franchisees with the full range of choices available at our standard Blimpie locations. This means you can offer your customers the same beloved subs that have made us a favorite for decades, as well as limited time promotions to entice more customers to enjoy something new.

From hearty classics to innovative creations, your Blimpie Express franchise will be a hub of sandwich excellence. And the best part? You can do this without compromising on the convenience that sets our brand apart. Whether customers are stopping by your location or having their subs delivered straight to their doorstep, they’ll enjoy the full Blimpie experience.

Invest in Your Culinary Dreams Today

The recipe for a worthwhile investment doesn’t need to be complicated. With Blimpie Express, you have a proven business model, the allure of universally loved sandwiches, the power of convenience through third-party delivery collaborations, and a full menu that ensures customer satisfaction.

Our franchise team is ready to join hands with you as you embark on this exciting journey. Take a closer look at the Blimpie Express franchise opportunity by exploring our research pages here. And when you’re ready to satisfy your entrepreneurial appetite, fill out our inquiry form here, and we’ll be thrilled to engage in a conversation about how we can partner together to serve up satisfaction.

Become a part of the Blimpie Express franchise family, and let’s create a culinary legacy that delights customers, empowers entrepreneurs like you, and brings the joy of mouthwatering sandwiches to communities far and wide.


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