Blimpie Express Franchise Review: Meet Eyyup Arrga

Why the owners of a successful c-store chose Blimpie Express to grow their business

​​Reputation – that was the most important aspect of a franchise for Eyyup Arrga as he was looking for the right business to start. Eventually, he landed on the perfect fit: opening a Blimpie location within his convenience store earlier this year.

“And we love the product,” Arrga said.

opening a Blimpie line

Arrga co-owns a convenience store in North Bergen, New Jersey, and was looking to bring in more sources of revenue. The logical choice – offering fresh, hot food for customers coming into the shop – led him to open a Blimpie’s location in December.

The results could not have been better, Arrga said, with both the Blimpie’s and convenience store complementing each other and driving more sales. Now, Arrga is planning to take this model and expand it to other locations.

In this interview, Arrga talks about how Blimpie’s and convenience stores are the perfect fit for each other, and how the Blimpie’s franchise model is designed to set franchisees up for success.

Q: How has business been since opening a Blimpie franchise?

A: Right away Blimpie’s was working. Every day, the numbers went up more and more. Then, locals started coming in after word started to spread that we were open. We’ve also seen our convenience store numbers increase, because when people come in for Blimpie’s, they usually pick up a few items from the store as well. Roughly, I can say our convenience store numbers went up about 20% with the help of Blimpie’s.

Q: Why was a convenience store the best location for your franchise?

A: People come to the convenience store for all kinds of products, but before, they didn’t have any options for fresh or hot food. So we decided that would be a logical place that would see a lot of traffic and customers. So now, customers come into the convenience store looking for whatever they need, and also pick up some fresh food to eat.

Q: Do customers come in specifically for Blimpie’s, and then buy items from the convenience store?

A: Oh, yes. An order at Blimpie’s usually takes two to three minutes to prepare, so people look around the store. I’d say about 90% of customers buy something, like chips or a drink. So you’re boosting two businesses at the same time.

Q: The Blimpie’s Express model is based on getting operations up as quick as possible. Can you explain how that helped business?

A: First of all, you don’t have to pay for a ton of construction. And, you don’t have to stop your convenience store business for construction either. The Blimpie’s assembly unit is easy and quick to install. The unit arrived here and was installed in about two days.

Q: How has the Blimpie’s franchise team helped your location?

A: The Blimpie’s team was helpful since day one. They gave us all the recommendations and support that made the process quicker and faster, and helped us save money. And, if we have any problems, they are a phone call away.

Q: What are your long-term goals?

A: We’ve seen Blimpie’s and a convenience store work well together, because you save money with rent and reduce your expenses. We’ve been thinking of taking this model and expanding it to more locations. Now we can see it is a great idea to merge both businesses together.

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