Fast Casual Concepts Continue To Grow

Fast Casual Restaurants Show Clear Growth

At times, it might seem like you see fast casual restaurants on nearly every street corner. While there is a strong amount of fast-food establishments, with a variety of cuisine options in the market, that doesn’t mean the demand has stopped. In fact, according to market research, the fast casual market is anticipated to grow almost 11 percent through 2027. And with the burger and sandwich sector leading the charge, quick service concepts like Blimpie Express can be a prime investment opportunity for those looking to enter the fast casual franchise game.

With a business model based on good food and convenience, fast casual restaurants are designed to serve more consumers with delectable, quality dishes in a timely manner that can accommodate the hustling, bustling lifestyle of many who do not have time to cook a meal at home. Additionally, fast food restaurants are typically a cost-effective alternative to dining out, providing a more financially sustainable option, particularly for families with multiple people to feed.

Part of this growth stems from brands who are shifting their focus to serve quality fare while also providing excellent service. As diners become more health-conscious and eco-friendly, they are seeking timely, affordable restaurant brands on which they can rely for good food that comes from sustainable sources. So while the competition might present within this ever-growing market, the Blimpie Express franchise sets owners up to grow and retain customer loyalty by offering all of these criteria in its build-your-own sub sandwich model.

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Why Blimpie Express Franchises are Poised to Grow

Blimpie Express isn’t new to the fast casual dining scene. With a history spanning nearly 60 years, the sub sandwich brand has built its reputation on serving delicious sandwiches to customers looking for a customizable meal that can be ordered, assembled, and served swiftly, without losing the quality in taste or affordable price point. Whether customers are in the mood for a sandwich consisting of their preferred ingredients, or a specialty sandwich designed specifically by and for Blimpie Express, or a veggie-packed salad with fun toppings, new and returning patrons can rely on receiving a meal infused with fresh ingredients.

While these traits have earned Blimpie Express a loyal following and a demand for new locations, the franchise continues to grow thanks to the backing of Kahala Brands. As part of this franchising group, consisting of numerous quick service restaurant brands, Blimpie Express franchisees have full access to various tools and services that are meant to support owners from the moment they pay their initial, affordable investment, and well after they open the doors to their new restaurant. Each franchisee in the Kahala Brands network receives thorough training on operations and business development, real estate and restaurant design consultations, and support in marketing, branding, and so much more.

As the market for fast casual restaurants grows over the next few years, interested investors will not want to look back on the opportunity to open their own Blimpie Express location with regret. By becoming part of this storied brand, potential franchisees can become part of the anticipated growth within this flourishing industry.

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