Add Blimpie Express To Your Franchise Portfolio

Add to Your Franchise Portfolio

Anyone in the franchising industry can tell you: diversification is one of the smartest ways to build profit potential, plan for your future, and achieve your goals as an independent business owner. With the unpredictability of the economy, it’s smart to build a diverse franchise portfolio that will help reduce your risk as an entrepreneur. Diversification through multiple brands is a way to help prepare yourself for unexpected economic changes and provide some financial protection if one business is underperforming.

Diversifying your franchise portfolio also has the potential for major pay off, especially if your franchise brands compliment one another. By investing in multiple non-competing brands, franchisees can cross-promote their businesses to different customer bases. Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to build a solid living in one location, and use their knowledge of the location to invest wisely, address voids in local markets, and provide their communities with products or services they need.

Diversify Your Franchise Portfolio

The question is, what franchises do you choose to invest in, and how do you know they’re a good fit for your portfolio? To help you decide which brands to add to your portfolio, consider brands that complement each other, adhere to similar operational systems, and/or tap into industries that are absent in your community. Entrepreneurs should also consider pursuing brands in different categories. For instance, if you run multiple full-service restaurants, perhaps it’s time to add some quick-service options to your portfolio.

In short, if you want to increase your stability as an entrepreneur and increase your profit potential, adding multiple brands to your franchise portfolio might be the way to go. As a fast-casual restaurant with a long-term brand reputation, Blimpie Express offers franchisees an addition to their portfolio that’s simple, affordable and flexible. Keep reading to find out what makes this sub sandwich brand an optimal choice to build and diversify your franchise portfolio at a low cost.

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Add Blimpie Express to Your Franchise Portfolio

Blimpie Express can be a prime addition to any franchisee’s portfolio. The American public loves its sandwiches, and Blimpie is a world-renowned name that enjoys a loyal customer base and continues to win over new customers with a product people love. When America thinks “sub sandwich,” Blimpie is one of the first names that come to mind, thanks to a brand reputation that’s been nearly six decades in the making. The concept is simple: quality sandwiches, low price point, and fast service.

As a small, simple-to-operate business model, a Blimpie Express is also one of the most affordable franchise opportunities – even more so than a regular Blimpie restaurant unit. Thanks to the brand’s revolutionary design, startup costs to franchise with Blimpie Express are relatively low, making Blimpie Express an ideal new addition to a franchisee’s portfolio.

Blimpie Express franchisees also have the support of one of the world’s fastest growing franchisors – Kahala Brands™, whose in-house team of professionals offer a range of services to assist franchisees with their business ventures and help them achieve their entrepreneurial goals. As the parent company to Blimpie Express, Kahala Brands can provide Blimpie franchise partners with real estate guidance, site design, mapping out business plans, research and development, marketing and public relations services, and more.

Blimpie Express is Flexible

Quick service and fast casual restaurants aren’t always synonymous with a small footprint, but Blimpie Express is an exception with a unique design and construction that’s built to give franchisees flexibility and freedom when it comes to choosing a location for their business. Blimpie Express is suited for a wide variety of sites that don’t require significant square footage, from convenience stores to travel plazas. America’s sub shop was made for convenience, and it’s fit for almost any location with little impact to existing operations.

The Blimpie Express brand also has a simple, easy-to-operate model that makes getting the business up and running a breeze, whether you’re new to small business ownership or a longtime entrepreneur operating multiple units. A typical Blimpie Express can also be outfitted and ready for business in as little as just a few days. The units are largely prefabricated off-site and brought to the business location to be assembled. Ease of operation and scalability with this business model also make Blimpie Express a great choice for absent owners who prefer to be more hands-off with their investments.

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