3 Reasons Why You Should Franchise With Blimpie Express

Why Franchise with Blimpie Express?

America’s favorite sub shop needs no introduction – Blimpie has been one of the most popular and iconic sub sandwich franchises for nearly 60 years. Our handcrafted subs, always with a generous portion of high quality meat, cheeses, and toppings, are part of the American fabric. Now, Blimpie is one of the most recognizable sandwich shop franchises in the U.S., with across the country. You’d be hard pressed to find another sub sandwich franchise with the amount of long-lasting growth and bright future as Blimpie can boast.

It’s no secret – Americans love their sandwiches. In fact, Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches a day, generating $22.6 billion annually. Ever since the sandwich became popular in the 1920s, it has become a defining trait in America to put delicious fillings in between two slices of fresh bread. Why, you ask? Because sandwiches are incredibly versatile, convenient, quick, and satisfying! There are truly limitless combinations and flavors, so the sandwich can always be new and fresh. And, in our quick-paced society, the sandwich can be easily assembled and ready to go, while also filling and affordable.

But not all sandwich shops are created equal. Over the past 60 years, countless sub shops have come and gone. Blimpie, however, has been able to withstand all the economic ups and downs, twists and turns, all because of our iconic menu that has worked its way in the hearts of Americans all over. Now, Blimpie has launched its “Blimpie Express” model to offer a streamlined, easy to use/easy to scale franchise opportunity in order to grow the brand even more!

franchise with blimpie express

Brand History

It all started in 1964 with three teenage friends from Hoboken, New Jersey. They got their money together to start what was, at the time, a novel idea: a handcrafted sub shop where people could custom order their meal. They also wanted to heap meat, cheese, and toppings on freshly baked bread so large that it…resembled a blimp. All these years later, it’s safe to say the idea was a success, to say the least. What other sub sandwich franchise has been around that long and continues to not only grow, but also evolve? Only a few.

That’s why so many aspiring business owners who want to run their own restaurant choose to franchise with Blimpie Express. With your investment, you receive the brand recognition of a beloved sub shop that has been around for decades. There’s simply no one who hasn’t heard of a Blimpie! The Blimpie brand history, time and again, has proven to be a huge advantage for new franchise owners, who don’t have to spend their precious time getting their restaurant’s name out there in the community. With Blimpie Express, you’re already known and loved!

Proven Business Model

Being around since 1964, it’s also safe to say we’ve had the time and experience to fine-tune our business model to be the most effective and simple for new franchisees to master. What’s more, we have decades of growth to show for it. You simply have to be doing something right to survive this long in the restaurant industry. And at Blimpie, we’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our business model even more.

In steps Blimpie Express. Taking convenience, affordability and efficiency to the next level, Blimpie Express is a straightforward, easy to execute business. For starters, Blimpie Express locations are designed for a quick build-out that can fit in any number of spaces. Also, prefabricated units built off-site can be delivered and operational within days, not weeks. We’ve taken every care to make the start-up process and ongoing operations as simple and low cost as possible, so franchise owners can focus on growing their business and serving their communities.

Unparalleled Support

It all starts with smart, effective training and support. At Blimpie, we know the key to helping entrepreneurs reach their goals is making sure franchise owners have an incredibly strong grasp on operations. That’s why Blimpie Express has invested so heavily in training and support teams who teach franchise owners every single aspect of how to run and operate our business model.

The list of training and support topics could go on and on – how to find the best site location and then navigate the real estate process: how to use our POS system, manage inventory and keep food costs low, effective marketing strategies, how to serve and prepare our menu, and how to effectively lead a team. Plus more!

“The support we provide to our franchise owners is outstanding,” Jeff Wallace, Brand Leader of Blimpie, says. “We meet with our franchise owners on a regular basis, both in-person and virtually. We want to help them reach their goals and continue to grow. When they succeed, we succeed – and with Blimpie, you’re never alone in business.”

Learn More about Blimpie Express Today!

There is truly no better time to invest in becoming a Blimpie Express franchise owner. For anyone wanting to dive into the booming $22.6 billion sub & sandwich category, Blimpie Express is a best bet opportunity. With a brand legacy like no other, a proven business model, and world-class training and support, Blimpie Express franchise owners are set to grow. To learn more, visit our research pages or request more information here.


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